Call for Proposal

Share your experience / knowledge with Rustaceans at Rust.Tokyo!

Rust.Tokyo is a tech-conference for those who have passion on Rust language. This conference aims to provide opportunities for such people to share their knowledge / experience with others. That is why Rust.Tokyo organizers call proposal for talks in this conference.

Please read following description and submit your proposal.

CFP Description

CFP due date: 2019-08-25T23:59:59+09:00 (JST)!

Key dates

  • Aug.25th, 2019: Submission deadline
  • Sep.10th, 2019 (can be changed): authors notified
  • Oct.26th, 2019: Rust.Tokyo

Talk type

  • Regular session (30 min)

General guideline

  • The theme for this conference is "The practical application of Rust". Please consider this in your proposal.
  • Be concise, but include as much detail as is necessary to cover your idea
  • Please provide at least one concrete take away
  • Multiple entries welcome
  • Attempt to not give details to who you are. We prefer to judge based on content.
  • All presentations must conform to the code of conduct
  • We can accept Japanese / English proposals.
  • Proposals must be submitted via the form linked below.


You can submit your proposal via the form linked below.

Submission form

Reviewing process

  • Every proposal is reviewed by reviewing board.
  • Author's name is masked during review process, i.e. judge is based on proposal's content.
  • Please contact if you have question on our review process.

Review criteria

  • Meet conference theme: we prefer talks about practical application / efforts for Rust integration.
  • Informative title: we prefer titles providing enough information for attendees to understand its topics.
  • Well described: Abstract is not necessarily long, but should have enough information not only for reviewers but also for conference attendees to understand your talk topics and key takes away.
  • Original content: we prefer talks that the local area is not likely to have already seen.


  • We cannot pay any travel expenses, even if you travel from outside Japan.
  • All conference talks are given in Japanese or English.
  • We are planning to put automatically generated captions to talks in English.
  • We strongly encourage speakers to use English for their speaking materials.